Weaver Green Provence Dormouse Rug 110x60cm.


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As soft as wool, these gorgeous patterned rugs are perfect for covering hard floors and a great option for summer houses and garden rooms. The Provence rugs offer the look and feel of a natural fibre but are completely uninteresting to moths and dust mites.

  • Stain-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Moth resistant
  • Can be used outdoors
  • UV stable
  • Water and mould resistant

Each Provence Rug is made from up to 3000 recycled plastic bottles. Hand-woven by skilled craftsmen and women, Weaver Green is committed to using weaving houses that only employ adults who are fairly paid and enjoy comfortable and fair working conditions.

Non-slip rug underlays to keep your Weaver Green rug in place are available for sale- please inquire!

Please note that Weaver Green has designed their recycled plastic bottle yarn to look and feel like natural wool, so some pilling can occur, as can some yarn snagging on our looser weaves. We advise that the softer Provence weaves are used in low traffic areas including bedrooms and bathrooms rather than hallways and busy living areas.

For a more resilient pet-friendly weave look at the tighter woven and harder wearing Kasbah and Nomad ranges.


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