Veggie Steamer – Collapsible Silicone


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Stop overcrowding your cooktop with pots and pans to cook a well-balanced meal when you can put your microwave to use. Introducing a fast, easy, and healthy way to steam vegetables in the microwave with this Vegetable Steamer. This lightweight, practical kitchen tool is collapsible due to its silicone composition making it a convenient and space saving benefit when storing. The steamer is designed with an integrated structure for secure handling. Place up to 4 liters of rinsed vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower or carrots, all rich in fiber, atop the bottom insert. The bottom insert allows any additional water from the rinsed vegetables to drain downwards thus preventing them from bathing in the liquid and allowing them to maintain their crispness. Cover with the silicone lid, microwave and serve. Refer to the cooking instructions enclosed with the steamer for recommended cook times depending on the type of vegetable and microwave wattage. Dishwasher safe, the  Vegetable Steamer is a microwavable kitchen accessory that delivers a simplistic approach to steaming vegetables allowing you to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet. 


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