Outdoor Highball Glass 20oz.- Set of 4


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Enjoy a sangria with your picnic lunch or a gin and tonic on the patio amongst friends with these Highball Glasses for outdoor use. At 600 ml each, the 4-pack stemless highball glasses are perfect for an outdoor hangout as they offer more stability and lessen the risk of tipping over. Made of unbreakable Tritan™, their glass-like clarity and transparency mimic your finest formal glassware. Unlike other types of outdoor glasses, they are top rack dishwasher safe, won’t become blurry nor crack over time, and prevent heat transfer, a definite added benefit. These glasses are a great investment for your outdoor living pleasure.

      Diameter: 2 7/8”
      Dimension/capacity: 20 oz
      Height: 5 3/4”


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