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30AD – 61ADBoudica lead the Iceni tribe against the Romans who took over the kingdom after the death of her husband.
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She was flogged and her daughters attacked. In response, she lead 100,000 Celt warriors to fight the Romans, destroyed Londinium and killed around 80,000 Roman Invaders.

The Bust
Based on various illustrations of Boudica, this sculpture was sculpted at our studios in Bath and makes a dramatic addition to the mantel, bookshelves or occasional table.

The Base
There are objects related to Boudica placed around the base of the bust. For this bust we have included a Roman helmet and centurions, Boudica atop her chariot, Celtic shields and helmet, the Celtic cross and huts.

The etch around the base reads:

Height: 120mm
Width: 60mm
Depth: 35mm


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