Modern Souvenir Aphrodite Bust


Modern Souvenir Company produces beautiful gifts in plaster-busts of historical figures, bookends, replicas of historical ornaments, landmarks and bespoke gifts. Handmade in Bath, Great Britain, imbued with detail, elegance and wit.



Daughter of Zeus and Dione. Zeus married her to the ugly Hephaestus, to stop the god’s rivalry over her beauty.

Aphrodite had many lovers including Ares and Adonis. She played a role in the Eros legend and many lesser beings were said to be her children.

The Bust
This bust take inspiration from both the marble statues of Aphrodite housed in the Met Museum and the Getty Museum. Both are dated around 200-250BC.

Around the Base
For this bust we have included symbols of the goddess – Dolphins, Dove, Roses, Scallop Shell, Wine and Grapes.

The etch around the base reads:

Height: 145mm
Width: 80mm
Depth: 35mm


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