Mason Cash Caneware 26cm Mixing Bowl


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The neutral cane colour of this 10.25″ (26cm) Mason Cash Caneware Mixing Bowl, offers a rustic warmth that is accented by the white glazed interior. It is a durable quality bowl that has last generations and more to come.

  • Capacity: 112 oz./ 14-cups
  • Packaging: Label
  • Dimensions/Capacity: 26cm/10″ 2.5L/3.7Q

First developed in 1901, Mason Cash mixing bowls are made from high quality, chip-resistant earthenware making them heavy enough to stand when mixing, yet light enough to hold comfortably in one arm.

The distinct patterned exterior and rim of the bowl is designed to help bakers grip and tip the bowl and has become synonymous with the brand and baking ever since. The wide, shallow shape also allows for kneading within the bowl if required.

The bowls are as relevant today as they were in 1901 and have endured the test of time to become something of a design classic.


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