Huckleberry Hives Lady Apple Candle


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  • 1.5″ x 1″
  • approximate burn time 15 hours

We thought it would be fitting to honor this old apple in candle form so we made a mold using a real lady apple from Silver Creek Nursery, the fruit tree nursery we keep some hives at. It is a small apple, almost crab sized, so it is tiny and cute and still has a 15 hour burn time!!

The Lady apple is synonymous with holidays and has a long history of use for decorating trees (ornaments or garlands) as well as use in wreath making.
It is also known as Pomme d’Api – the oldest recognized apple variety under that name – originally documented during early Rome under Etruscan rule, around 700BC!!
??The first time it was called Lady was during the French Renaissance in 1628, and it became naturalized in America during the 1800’s.


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