Hibi Incense 8 Sticks-Yuzu


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  • Aroma of Yuzu which has been used also as a medicinal plant since long ago. Ideal for easing the tension of mind and body to relax.

Hibi 10 minutes Incense stick from Japan

Hibi is an incense match that you can light easily without a lighting device. The incense is the result of innovative efforts between two traditional Japanese industries based in Hyogo Prefecture: the incense manufacturers of Awaji Island and the match-makers of Harima.

‘Hibi’ is a Japanese term which translates as ‘day by day’ – anywhere, daily and offers an aroma at home. Each box contains 8 incense sticks and a burning pad for safe burning. Approximately 10 minutes of burning time. Scent lingers for about 30 minutes or more. 


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