Eco Candle 10″ Grey Blue S/6


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Grey Blue Twilight Eco Dinner Candles are 7/8″ / 22mm in diameter (roughly the diameter of a nickel) by 10″ / 250mm long, in clear recyclable boxes with 6 candles. They are a moulded candle with a tapered base to help them fit firmly into a candle holder.

Twilight Green Dinner Candles are produced in Germany using 100% vegetable wax. To make these candles, the 100% cotton, lead-free wick is suspended in a mould and 100% natural liquid wax is poured around it. When hardened the wax forms crystal-like structures giving our Twilight Green Dinner Candles their unique appearance.

Made of vegetable wax out of the fruits from oil palm trees; therefore, is organically sustainable and biodegradable. Only the fruits from the trees are harvested to produce the oil, leaving the trees to continue growing and playing a vital role in their local ecosystem. Vegetable palm wax has a very high melting point and hardness making for very long burning candles. Palm wax burns dripless and smoke-free when burnt in still conditions.

Only the highest quality raw materials used to create the Twilight Green Dinner Candles. High-quality palm wax that is farmed and supplied by certified RSPO members who promote the growth and use of sustainable oil palm. 100% cotton wicks are used and the dyes used to create the vibrant colour are pure and certified for use in toy production in the EU and bear the prestigious RAL Quality Mark issued by the European Candle Association.


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