Demitri Dragon Sshlumpie


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Don’t let your little warrior take on a foe without a friendly Dragon companion at their side! Lightweight and versatile, our Demitri the Dragon Sshlumpie is part stuffed animal and part comforting blankie. Easy to pack or carry, he’ll always be there to ease away Baby’s fears and see them through their battles. Crafted in sumptuous plush with a sophisticated muted blue hue, Little Dragon is designed to soothe and delight. Bright, golden embroidery details his clawed feet, while a pair of soft wings completes his fairytale creature appearance. Never one to shy from a challenge, this endearing Dragon Sshlumpie soft toy will prove himself a brave guardian to your baby. 

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Weight5.8 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × 5 in

Birth & Up


19″ Long


(48 cm)




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