Demitri Dragon Snuggler


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Cuddle up with our relaxing Lil’ Snuggler soft toy and Demitri the Dragon will have Baby dreaming of gallant knights and magical castles in no time! With velvety blue plush and a silky satin trim, we’ve designed this fantasy friend to captivate your little one’s sense of touch. Ultra soothing and sure to comfort, the lightweight nature of this blankie friend makes him easy to pack into the diaper bag or stroller for fanciful on-the-go fun. Shiny, golden claws and a playful scale pattern down his tummy bring excitement to Demitri’s appearance. Embroidered baby-safe details and a machine washable design makes our Dragon Snuggler toy ideal for infants. 

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Weight4 oz
Dimensions7 × 4 × 5 in

Birth & Up


13″ Square


(33 cm)




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