Commichef Cast Aluminum 32cm All-In-One-Pan – Cream

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Take the stress out of storing and cleaning multiple pots and pans by investing in a All-In-One-Pan from Commichef by Grunwerg. This clever cooking pan is just as at home frying a cooked breakfast as it is boiling pasta, making sumptuous sauces or sautéing spring onions.  Deep enough for making a stove top casserole or risotto its also super easy to clean and light to handle.  

Part of the Commichef Die-Cast Aluminum range of products, these cooking tools are an alternative to more traditional cast iron cookware which is long lasting but also expensive, heavy and prone to chipping. The Commichef Die-Cast Aluminum range from Grunwerg solves these issues as well as improving upon cooking times, all whilst retaining the same attractive styling. This is due to the conductivity of aluminium being around 6 times better than that of iron or steel, meaning this cookware heats up quicker as well as diffusing the heat more efficiently.

In addition to this its naturally lightweight nature makes it easier to store, access and handle. The Whitford non-stock lining also means this cookware is easily cleanable whilst also reducing the need for oils or fats making for healthier cooking all round.  

  • 32cm Diameter
  • Die cast aluminum
  • 3 layer enamel finish
  • Whitford non-stick coating
  • Lightweight design   


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