Busy Cats 100 Piece Round Puzzle


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Beautifully illustrated by Monika Forsberg and finished to the highest quality with glistening gold foil, this puzzle will not only provide challenge and intrigue – it feels luxurious to play with too. We’re used to treating our feline friends like royalty, so it makes sense this puzzle reflects that!

This 100 Piece Round Puzzle is a special hybrid for older children who are ready for more advanced themes and a higher piece count, as well as for adults who want a simpler “snack” puzzle.

Skills: Encourage hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving, and storytelling & imagination as you discuss the scene.
Age: 5+
Features: Foil Box top and puzzle
Box size: 11″ x 11″x 2″
Puzzle size: 20″ diameter


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