Beekman 1802 – Golden Amla Goat Milk Soap


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This natural, triple milled bar soap is the perfect after-the-sun shower detox, packed with vitamin C and amla berry to help to brighten skin, protect against free radicals, and temporarily fade the visible signs of sun damage. It’s also enriched with creamy goat milk prebiotic and a velvety foaming lather to deeply cleanse without stripping your skin’s moisture barrier, leaving behind skin that’s supple and smooth. Completely fragrance free and safe for sensitive skin.


  • 100% vegetable soap base that gets you squeaky-clean–without the squeak 

  • Triple-milled to last even longer, extending all of the benefits of nourishing goat milk down to the very last lather 

  • Helps to boost skin’s brightness and fade the appearance of dark spots 

  • Goat milk prebiotic is rich in lactic acid, vitamins, and minerals to help renew and strengthen skin 


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